Transmitter Session de ERR REC : Concerts filmés sur le toit de nos bureaux, objets visuels et sonores, uniquement disponibles en streaming via

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Richard Francés is performing live a few beautiful tracks of his recent album released by Jungle Gym Records:
“French solo artist Richard Francés. Having amassed a formidable body of work as Acid Fountain and in experimental groups JUJU and Pointe Du Lac, the Hylé Tapes head works under his given name for the 11th installment of our UNDERGROWTH series. A conceptual masterpiece in two parts, UDG 0.11 recalls the early synth environments of pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Terry Riley, with modern interpretations of sci-fi, deep thought meditation and extraterrestrial exploration. If inner and outer consciousness are in fact dependent on one another, “01112012” is a pathway to both, exclusively from JUNGLE GYM.”

Music by Richard Francés

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Recorded by Gilles Maté
Directed, filmed and edited by Bolanile Maté
Produced by ERR REC