After a cold wavy tape EP published on french label ERR REC last year, Dialectric is going more experimental with ‘Phase’, a timeless Minimal electronic music album with hypnotic, emotional tonal arpegios and sequences.
Dreamy introspective pieces and short Broadcastian interludes that Maté crafted with a semi-modular system comprised of various analog oscillators, effects, sequencers (Pittsburgh Modular, Moog, Arturia, Yamaha, Korg). The Vinyl version has been released by UK cult label Polytechnic Youth, the Chrome Cassette Tape version by ERR REC .

“A cosmic carousel of sorts dreamily purred in hypno-grooving pulsar pirouettes, its analogue accents awash in intertwining corteges of softly dissipating kosmische spirals which aside appealing to our Tangerine Dream neuron receptors also arcs on the lighter realms of both the Pye Corner Audio and Listening Center spectrums to provide something that ultimately, ought to pique the interests of those tuned into both Ghost Box and Burning Witches frequencies. ” Mark Barton / The Sunday Experience


Begins Shipping on 15th November
C-40 Ferric Cassette, Red Norelco case, white tape .


released October 22, 2018

Composed, recorded and mixed by Gilles Maté
Artwork & design by Bolanile Maté
Photograph by Steve Givernaud
Thanks to B. Maté, Steve Givernaud, Dom Martin

ERRREC022 I Winter 2018

PY63 I Polytechnic Youth I Summer 2018 I Pressing of 300 copies