Plastic Moonrise was conceived above a dance hall, at the foot of the Malvern Hills in 2014. Imagined steps on parquet floors, ghostly reflections in mirrors, and faint grips of ballet barres inspire the loop and lull of the first two Plastic Moonrise cassettes, Tick Tock the Clock (self-released, 2014) and How Did We Get Here (self-released, 2015).
The third cassette, Papier-mâché delivers us to another parquet floor. Sitting cross legged with orange squash, she places new and more familiar cut-outs, layers Casio,Yamaha, bells, xylophones and music boxes and sticks them down with voices,creating masks of false memories that you are compelled to try on.


“Papier Mâché” is also a short film, shot by Catherine Norris (in Malvern UK 2019), and Tom Gagnaire (at the Parco Nazionale Val Grande, Italy 2019, with a VHS camera). Editing and post production by Tom Gagnaire.

Pour en savoir plus sur Plastic Moonrise, nous vous conseillons la lecture de ce bel article- entretien réalisé par Tom Gagnaire en 2014 :


released October 12, 2019


Music & poems by Catherine Morris
Artwork & Design by Bolanile Maté
Mastered by Gilles Maté
Film by Tom Gagnaire & Catherine Norris