Dim Garden – Duingebied Cassette


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Duingebied is heavily inspired by geographic surroundings – the Dutch North Sea coast – evoking both melancholy and wonder. It also translates a fascination for 80’s home keyboards and synths (such as the Hohner KS 49 midi, Yamaha PSS-480, Korg Poly61 and Ensoniq SQ-80) and the art of field recordings. The dunes surrounding the Hague are a sacred, spiritual crossing between forest, lake, and sea, where wild and thick forests meet the sea, battered by incessant and unsettling winds. Home to scattered ruins of German nazi bunkers, golden temples, damp valleys, and to a rich wildlife, where foxes, deer, rabbit, and fjord horses roam freely and die, one may find a devotional sense of awe and peace, combined with a looming disquiet. Winters in Scheveningen, although mild, are rugged and grim. The sky hangs low and dreary, the days are dark and testing, forming the emotional backdrop to “Duingebied”